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Miracles are a way of saying that a being is utilizing the creative flow of energy inherent within and around them to assist in manifesting a perfect outcome. Miracles are just the association of working with all aspects of life, all realms of life in a harmonious way. Miracles are a great thing for they show you the power of each person expressing the God energy within them. Miracles are what the world is all about.
Lighted Ones 1/28/02
Hey there, my wishes for joy and wellness for you, come with this. I am writing you to tell you about my experience with the silver shower, and golden light cleansing. I began experiencing symptoms of redness and pain of swelling in my right breast. This appeared to be mastitis. I asked my body what this was, and it told me bitterness. I had been researching online, and cruised through your pages, and found the technique given by the Lighted Ones. I verbalized and truely released this bitterness, and followed with the shower, and the coolest thing happened! Nearly immediately, I felt the mastitis release, and begin to disapate. It was mostly gone the next day, and I repeated the cleansing process, and it went completely away with no antibiotics (thank you) or anything. Awesome. I am sooo thankful for the healing I recieve.
Dear lighted one's, I wanted to thank you for sharing your love and guidance with me. You were there when I began my walk this way. Thank you for being there now when I need your Guidance the most in my life. Also, thank you for helping my Body pains. It doe's not with stand the Rigors as well as it use too. Please help to also open my Third Eye MORE And allow my perseption and Guidance flow more freely, To the best of my understanding. To this Vessel whom you work through, Bless her and all those dear to her Heart in a Good way today!
Love Ya, Kelly ---06/03/2002